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Relax Balnéo
Instead of a conventional swimming pool, Parc des Maurettes offers you a chance to relax in its « Relax’Balnéo », area, free and open throughout the entire period during which the campsite is open.
Espace Relax ....
The relaxation room has a number of comfortable armchairs available for you. Settle down in front of the television or play one of the numerous boardgames at your disposal. The children love the "giant" format of the 20 or so games on hand: Dexterity with the mikados, careful reflection with Chinese drafts or scrabble, pure fun with ludo, etc.… If the weather makes it impossible to enjoy the campsite's outside play areas, the Espace Relax will go down a storm with young and old alike!

NB: We do not offer any organised entertainment. These games are freely available and played under the responsibility of the parents.
...and Espace Balnéo
Thanks to this covered, heated and dehumidified area, all year round you will be able to enjoy this exceptional aquatic leisure area with two jacuzzis, a river spa and a sauna A number of chaises longues are also available so that you can top up your tan on the outside terrace. What could be better for enjoying stressfree holidays!

NB: Gentleman, remember to bring your swimming trunks. Bermuda-type shorts will not be accepted. Special nappies are required for babies. The Espace Balnéo is not lifeguarded and therefore remains under the responsibility of parents who must at all times be present with their children.

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