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List of accomodations
The Parc des Maurettes has a total of 22 fully furnished rental accommodation units, from simple chalets to comfortable bungalows. The equipment supplied is often very comprehensive (see downloadable inventories) but does not include sheets or towels which we therefore invite you either to bring or to hire at reception.

Because our establishment has tourist classification, we do not accept residential or professional stays. None of our pitches is for hire, with the objective of using it for your mobile home or of buying one from us.

Each of our rented accommodation units has a unique name, representing a flower or a tree. This means that you can tell us exactly which place you would like to rent, if you already know where they are located in the campsite.
3 identical bungalows : N°1, N°2, N°3.
4 identical bungalows : Acacia, Micocoulier, Mûrier, Yucca.
Cottage Iris
1 single bungalow of this type.

3 identical bungalows : Capucine, Muguet, Myosotis.

3 identical bungalows : N°1 (pas d'extension), N°2, N°3.

Grand Cottage
3 similar bungalows : Laurier, Giroflée, Mimosa.

2 identical rooms : Ch. Bleue, Ch. Verte.

Studio Panoramique
1 single studio of this type.

Studio Rez-de-Jardin
1 single studio of this type.
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